Gangagruwan (Kangaroo Valley) Corroboree - Kangaroo Valley - South Coast NSW
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Gangagruwan (Kangaroo Valley) Corroboree

We are happy to be hosting another Gangagruwan (Kangaroo Valley) Corroboree on July 13, 2024 from 11.00am. We feel so lucky to be able to support these events, with all proceeds going directly to Gadhungal Marring.

Every corroboree is a unique experience and opportunity to connect to each other, learn about culture, and heal Country. This corrobboree will include an ancient artefact demonstration and native foods lunch.  We hope you’ll join us, and bring your friends and family too.

In the words of Gadungal Marring:

Widthow Yulunga (Hello & Welcome),

We invite you to join us for a Gangagruwan (Kangaroo Valley) Corroboree. Walk beside us as we learn and care for Country together in a beautiful place that holds a powerful story.

We’re a local Indigenous-owned business. We specialise in delivering cultural services, with the goal to revitalise and strengthen traditional culture through practice, experience and knowledge sharing.

This corroboree is an opportunity to come together and build a stronger connection to our community, culture and Country.

A corroboree is a way we give back to mother earth – an ancient cultural practice that has been passed down through generations. We share stories through dance and song, celebrating the creation of our native animals and paying our respects to the lessons they hold.

Our old people have been sharing story since the beginning of time. We are proud to continue this practice and share it with future generations and the wider community. In doing so, we honour our history and our ancestors, making sure they live on in everything we do.

Following the corrobboree and smoking ceremony, we’ll share a meal featuring native and ancient ingredients with a modern twist.


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