Nexas Quartet - Performing "From Paris to New York" - Kangaroo Valley - South Coast NSW
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Nexas Quartet – Performing “From Paris to New York”

Nexas Quartet stands as a trailblazing saxophone ensemble known for redefining the boundaries of chamber music. Comprising saxophonists Michael Duke, Andrew Smith, Nathan Henshaw, and Jay Byrnes, the quartet has garnered widespread recognition for their exceptional musicianship and unique artistic approach.

Founded in 2002 the ensemble has a passion for versatility that seamlessly presents multiple genres of music whilst captivating audiences with their dynamic performances. Their innovative interpretations and bold programming showcase the saxophone’s expressive range and adaptability.

Nexas Quartet has achieved acclaim on both national and international stages, earning prestigious awards and accolades for their outstanding contributions to the world of chamber music. With a commitment to collaboration, they have shared the stage with renowned artists and continually push the boundaries of traditional repertoire. This concept is demonstrated in their recordings Ballads of a Pleasant Life (ABC Classics) with opera star Peter Coleman-Wright and Tango de Saxos (Da Vinci) with bandoneist Stephen Cuttris and pianist Daniel Rojas. Other notable collaborations include programmes with harpist Emily Granger and pianist Gerard Willems.

Nexas has been privileged to perform in leading venues and festivals all around the world including the Australian Festival of Chamber Music, the Adelaide Cabaret Festival and World Saxophone Congress’ in Scotland, France and Croatia. Nexas has performed in a vast array of amazing locations, from the Sydney Opera House and Melbourne Recital Centre to Uluru and uninhabited islands in the Great Barrier Reef.

Nexas has always been passionate about presenting new compositions. Their debut album Current is a reflection of their collaboration with leading Australian composers, described by Stephanie Eslake for limelight as ‘a riveting release’ 4.5/5 stars. The quartet are privileged to have had new works written for them by a who’s who of Australian music including Carl Vine, Matthew Hindson and Lachlan Skipworth.