Screening - The Message of the Lyrebird - Kangaroo Valley - South Coast NSW
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Screening – The Message of the Lyrebird

Upper Kangaroo Valley Landcare Group (UKVLG) is pleased to announce the showing of the film The Message of the Lyrebird and thank Mark Pearce – Creative Producer, Balangara Films for the opportunity. This fund-raising event will take place on Saturday 10 September at 5.30pm.

This award-winning film looks deep into the behaviour of lyrebirds, its birding subculture, the science, the sounds, and the Original Australian story of the lyrebird.

We are taken on a journey into the forests of Australia, where a lyrebird keeper, a scientist, a sound recordist, a study group, an activist and a Knowledge-Holder help us understand not only the lyrebird’s sophisticated artwork, but what its message may be for humanity. The Message of the Lyrebird asks its audience to contemplate the co-existence of the lyrebird and humanity, and to reflect on the lyrebird’s astonishing behaviour, its wisdom, and its peaceful commitment to the continuation of life. The film considers the values of intelligence and consciousness, the sacred connection between humans and lyrebirds, and the wisdom that is found when we listen to our shared communal spirit.

This film is about the relationship between people and birds and an exquisite forest faery who has been performing song and dance routines for millions of years. A timeless odyssey of self-reflection and a call to remember to live without destroying the things we love.

Click this link –  – to purchase your tickets online. We suggest you buy tickets ahead of the event to be sure of a seat!

The Message of the Lyrebird (Official Trailer) can be viewed by clicking this link –