Angie's Food - Kangaroo Valley - South Coast NSW

Angie’s Food

    Wildly Fermentatious! Angie’s Food is a world of wildly fermentatious condiments and drinks that excite the senses and heal the gut.
    Fermented condiments and drinks made in small batches using local produce. Angie’s Food makes small batch, artisan products that are committed to working with small local farmers and supporting a local food economy. We want the ingredients we use to be grown, raised, sourced or foraged with a conscience. Every batch of sauce or shrub or product made will be different. This allows us to work with what the farmers have on hand in that moment in time. By supporting their work, we can build a food future we can be proud of. If you’re looking for consistency, head elsewhere. Instead expect flavour, excitement and a new adventure every time. Proudly made in Kangaroo Valley, NSW, Dharawal Country.

    Wildly fermented, alive and bubbling! The range of wildly fermentatious drinks and condiments are bursting with millions of living bacteria that are good for you and good for your gut!



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