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Experience Nature

    Experience Nature is made up of several innovative brands – Wildfest® Experiences, Wild Food Adventures Tours & Getaways as well as Highland Harvest Feasts – all with one goal, to connect you with nature in unique and compelling ways.

    Design innovative Wild Food Adventures with our bespoke private day tour packages. Taste bush foods, unearth truffles, discover edible plants, harvest hops and forage pine mushrooms. Connect with produce at the source through our scheduled experiences.

    Leave technology behind, let nature take centre stage and explore the natural world Canoes Cool Climate Wines & Canapés Kangaroo Valley.

    Design your wilderness adventure from our range of exclusive and uniquely crafted ways to explore the geographically diverse Southern Highlands & Shoalhaven.

    Just 90 minutes from Sydney or Canberra we can propel you into another world and with expert regional knowledge, our guides can show places, only locals know.


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