Jeremy Butterworth - songwriter - Kangaroo Valley - South Coast NSW

Jeremy Butterworth – songwriter

    Jeremy Butterworth is a principal songwriter and guitarist/vocalist of the highly acclaimed Red Eye Records Alternative rock band The Bhagavad Guitars*. He is a seasoned indie rocker who brings a unique mix of emotional energy, musical skill and playfulness to the stage. He has been winning hearts and minds, especially in his local Shoalhaven area, playing small and large events including support act for the Eurogliders at the Shoalhaven River Festival (performed at this festival several times), ‘A day in the Valley’ festival and the ‘Beyond’ Festival Kangaroo Valley which featured Katie Noonan, Woodes, etc..

    Jeremy’s latest creative work is his exhilarating album – Together We Arrive. This invigorating collection of solo, acoustic versions of both his solo material and his favourite Bhagavad Guitars tracks, presents a compelling style of endearing honesty woven into emotionally charged performances. The spirit of the original songs are honoured, and complemented by a new perspective, in a smooth, rich and soulful format. The album includes an unplugged version of Just to be Sure – one of the first Bhagavad Guitars tracks to gain extensive airplay on Triple J in the late 80s/early 90s.