Optimum Experiences Outdoor Adventures - Kangaroo Valley - South Coast NSW

Optimum Experiences Outdoor Adventures

    Optimum Experiences mission is to share camp and adventure experiences that enhance the lives of our clients and their appreciation of the outdoors.

    Optimum Experiences was founded in 1991 by experienced educators, Alison and Ian “Braddy” Bradburn and has been a Specialist in Outdoor Education since.  

    At Optimum Experience we believe that the hands-on experience of learning outdoors creates transferable skills that can be applied to all aspects of life. Through experiential learning and expanding our comfort zones we are able to grow individually and as a community.

    ‘The more we learn of ones self the more we learn of those around us’

    Our programs are delivered by experienced and passionate outdoor leaders with over 100 years of outdoor experience between them. From start to finish we work very closely with clients to ensure that the program is exceeds expectations.


    “You might not remember the Optimum but you will always remember the experience”



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