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Valley Cheesemakers

    As Valley Cheesemakers we’re passionate about cheese and its creation. We’re inspired to share our knowledge with others who’re keen to learn about cheese making too. Maybe your interest comes from wanting to know what goes into your food, entering a Show or developing a new hobby.

    Whatever your reason for exploring the world of cheese making, we’re here to support you. We host many workshops throughout the year and are open to adding more to the calendar if our published dates aren’t convenient for you.

    We currently offer three types of workshop. These range from an introduction course for complete beginners to classes featuring more complex instruction for blue, hard and soft cheeses. Through our sessions you’ll learn how to make fetta, haloumi, ricotta, chevre, yoghurt, labneh, quark, mascarpone, sour cream, havarti, creamy blue vein, crottin, brie and camembert.

    The workshops are taught by us – Kathy, Jan and Rosie. Our goal is to provide a supportive, interactive and social environment to help you get the most out of the day. We encourage questions, discussion and will share stories from our learnings over the years.

    A day of discovery about the cheese creation process in the heart of beautiful Kangaroo Valley.


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