Rose Andrews - Yoga Teacher - Kangaroo Valley - South Coast NSW

Rose Andrews – Yoga Teacher

    Make the most of your time in the valley. Enjoy a private yoga session on your deck, looking over the valley views and nourish yourself – stretch and relax, breathe and de stress. Rose Andrews is a highly experienced yoga teacher who will come to your holiday house, provide equipment and customise a yoga session to suit you. You might choose a dynamic, energising session, a soothing, restorative sequence or a balanced practice tailored to the needs and experience of you and your group.

    Rose is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher with over 25 years of yoga practice and 13 years of teaching, with weekly local classes in Kangaroo Valley and Bowral, as well as sessions for private clients and corporate, holiday and wedding groups. She has run women’s retreats and worked with senior and teenage students. Rose is a warm and nurturing teacher. Her sessions have times of joy and laughter, and also deep quietness.

    “What we want is a relaxed body, an even breath, a quiet mind and a loving spirit – and that is the gift of yoga.”