Man from Kangaroo Valley Trail Ride

On horseback, visitors can travel through pristine areas while having minimal impact on the surrounding environment, The ride offers an interesting way for participants to learn about the history and the geographical area that is kangaroo Valley. The trail ride is confined to fire trails and old logging trails with limited numbers of participants- generally 6 or less. Our overarching principles are that we enhance the environment where possible ( for example, replanting native cedar trees and casuarina): leave no traces; and teach guests about the natural and indigenous history of the locale.Your experience begins with an introduction to horses so that you can learn how to communicate with animals using body language, how to approach them in a non-threatening manner and how to behave safely and correctly around horses on the ground and in the saddle.

Green Kangaroo

Environmental Insulation, heat pump and access to organic fruit and vegetables. Prepared an environmental impact plan and introduce support systems so that the horse riding has minimum negative impacts on the environment. Has completed carbon audit in 2008.
Cultural Offer disadvantaged children special horse rides through the year.