Gangurang Corroboree Kangaroo Valley - Kangaroo Valley - South Coast NSW
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Gangurang Corroboree Kangaroo Valley

An introduction to who we are at Gadhungal Murring and what we aim to be. Gadhungal Murring is a local indigenous owned business. We specialise in delivering cultural services, focusing on revitalising and sharing Ancient Australian Culture to ensure a thriving Country and a flourishing Community.

We see this corroboree as a space to come together with the Kangaroo Valley community and build a connection. Being able to share our stories with the next generation is important to us, but first we must all come together. Our hope is that this event is the first step in a long relationship.

A corroboree is a way we give back to mother earth. It’s an ancient cultural practice that has been passed down through generations and continues to be passed down to this very day. We share story through dance and talk, we explain each dance and what they mean, we share ancient stories of the creation of our native animals and pay our respects to the lessons they hold.

Gangurang is a beautiful place which holds a powerful story. Story telling is a traditional practice in our culture. Our old people have been sharing story since the beginning of time. We honour our history and our ancestors by passing on their stories, making sure they live on forever in everything we do.

We ask you to join us in on our journey and walk beside us as we learn and care for Country together.

Event Description

– Please arrive at 5:45pm

– Dinner will be served first at 6pm

– Corroboree will begin at 6:30pm

– Tea and dessert afterwards

– Event will finish at approx 8:30pm


– Kangaroo Stew

– Vegetable Casserole

– Wattleseed Damper

The food will be made using ancient cultural knowledge with a modern twist.

NOTE: there are limited spots available for this event

Thankyou to Winderong Farm for working with us and giving us a place to hold this corroboree. Gadhungal Murring is working alongside Winderong, looking at ways we can work together to teach a sustainable way of being. This corroboree is one of many beautiful things in motion.

Nadtha Yindi (see you soon, see you later, see you for who you are and the story you hold with love respect and appreciation)