Women of Song - Kangaroo Valley - South Coast NSW
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Women of Song

Presented in association with Musica Viva Australia Women of Song is an authentic show of conversations and songs, articulating First Nations cultural practice in the here and now, live on stage. 

Women of Song is an innovative new show, developed by the acclaimed Jessie Lloyd (of Mission Songs Project) including themes of intergenerational practices, singing on and from country, commitment to community, and preserving knowledge in song. It’s an intimate celebration of the ‘here and now’ of Indigenous culture, a rare mix of spontaneous conversation and songs, exploring the modern-day practice and living heart of the ‘world’s oldest living culture’. 

The audience listens in as three First Nations singers have a conversation. Someone’s story may remind someone else of a song, or a favourite popular song might start a discussion among them all. Each conversation and each performance will be unique, as the women explore live on stage how their songs preserve the social, cultural, or environmental shifts of a community, and deepen connections to country, genealogy, and custom. 


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